translation of Tuva Blues from Albm " Time out"

I am born to cry, I am born to dye, I am born to know what is gold and a lie..." As the Buddhists saying our life is an illusion, Samsara, so called golden illusion. One thing is important on that song you listen from my album "Time out" Everything what has beginning will gave the end too. Every human is born, means will be one day passing this life too, the matter is how long and what human is leaving after... Generally if everything has beginning and the end. There was time when human being was not existing on Earth. Then was beginning, then we start our evolution, then it's modern time e.c.t. Then will be time when we will disappear or will become an other form, may be more distinguished.... don't know how.... But what is important to remember that only development of mater and the Universe is eternal, all rest is an endless changing of content of Forms. After death human being has an other form, the form that is beyond three dimensions, but we can not say much about it because while being a live for us is not possible to get senses more than our three dimensional feeling of space, but we have possibility to think and make fantasy about all Here and Beyond. That is what song was about and what I am thinking now about life and death. Ha-ha-ha and I am wandering if this is possible to translate in to mandarin. Curious! I will post it on my time line and see what happened. People please give me your short replay on this subject if you get understanding ... Or cutch the feeling of song from album " Time out" Sainkho Namtchylak.